The training that you receive with iGO will be stress free and enjoyable. I give honest feedback and strive to get you a step further each lesson, linking what has been achieved the previous lesson. I also encourage feedback from you, to see how you feel and what you think about your progress.

Progress throughout training

Throughout your training a record of your progress will be logged charting your level of independence on all aspects of your driving.


The Syllabus

The syllabus below lists the main areas covered in your training and the rough order in which it is presented. This mainly depends on what experience you may have, what your needs are and what kind of area you live in (e.g. rural, urban, hilly?)

  • Cockpit Drill - getting set up on entering the car: doors, seat, steering, seatbelt, mirrors.
  • Understanding all the controls - foot and hand controls.
  • Moving off and stopping - safely and under control, mirrors and blind spots.
  • Steering, gears and clutch work - getting to know and understand them.
  • Junction work - approaching left/right turns, T-junctions, crossroads and roundabouts using MSM (Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre), observation & planning, understanding priority.
  • Hill starts
  • Emergency stop
  • Manoeuvres - learning to reverse the car to turn around, park the car on the roadside (parallel park) or in a car park by either reversing into a parking bay or driving forward into one then reversing out. We will also be pulling over on the right side of the road, reversing back roughly two car lengths and then rejoining the road when safe. 
  • Conflict and traffic control - awareness and anticipation of other road users. With this we will covering things like overtaking, meeting cars in busy narrow road, town traffic, one way streets, multi lane systems/roundabouts.
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Use of speed - making progress, driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions, knowing the speed limits, avoiding undue hesitation.
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways (as of 4th June 2018 approved driving instructors with a dual control car can take learners on the motorway for training purposes)
  • Country driving
  • Driving independently either by following signs or a sat nav.
Once we have completed and consolidated all of the above and when you are carrying all this out independently, I usually conduct one or more 'mock' tests to assess what areas we need to work in preparation for the test. Following this we set a target and work towards it. If you or I don't feel that you are 100% ready, then the test can be cancelled or changed up to three working days before the actual test date.

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